Jaime Molina


Jaime Molina

Colombian Photographer
in Scotland.





©Jaime Molina 2024


Some of us still have memories from our childhood of walking through tall grass on the countryside or skimming rocks by the seaside, some have picked up berries with our loved ones and observing the birds flying up high, others have learned to build fires and treehouses. We all used to let nature be the main protagonist in our adventures, as nature is, as always our greatest gift. But where has that taste for nature gone?

Unfortunately, we are now part of a society that never stops distracting, and constantly feeding us with obsolete content, forcing us to buy the newest unnecessary object, or making us follow the latest trend. Nevertheless, there has always been some who live their lives for the outdoors, or at least they have re-develop a passion for what nature was once in their life.

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